ソール素材にはISO 7200 グラファイトを採用し、あなたの手入れの期待に応える。



Appreciate the wide slopes of Hokkaido on the Supernatural 164cm. Smooth response even in the trees with versatile medium flex and adaptive flat camber. The sidecut radius of 12000 provides stability and acceleration for drawing the ideal lines both on groomers and powder on a variety of slopes.


Spice your riding with hits, 3D terrain without loosing your speed thanks to the ISO 7200 Graphite base creating those perfect sprays and slashes.



Please try our demo board for that perfect snowboarding smile. 

Model       super natural

Length      1640 mm

R.Length   960 mm

EF.edge     1270 mm

Nose          300 mm

Waist          254 mm

Tail              290 mm

Sidecut R.  8000/12000 mm

Setback     0 mm

Stance       510-600 mm

CAM          0 mm

PRICE                   ¥118,800(with tax)





ソール素材にはISO 7200 グラファイトを採用し、あなたの手入れの期待に応える。


Experience your day in a Unique way of either pin or square tail depending on your mood of the day. This allrounder board allowes you to change your riding style with only one unique twin. 


Quick edge to edge changes created by the thin waist, coupled with the buoyant nose and tail create a responsive board, perfect for tight trees and drops in any snow conditions. 


ISO 7200 Graphite base, provide the speed and confidence required fir smoothsailing experience.


Thanks to this Unique your lines will be given a new sense of dimension. 

Model       unique

Length      1570 mm

R.Length   1000 mm

EF.edge     1100 mm

Nose          291 mm

Waist          255 mm

Tail              291 mm

Sidecut R.  7900

Setback     0 mm

Stance       510-600 mm

CAM           3 mm

PRICE                   ¥108,000(with tax)